A Word About African Missions From Alan Stephenson, The Director of Joshua Foundation - Arusha Tanzania

Tanzania's vast expense, remote wilderness areas and explosive arrival into the twenty first century demands that the "Word of God run swiftly" into every place - especially before corrupting influences and religions do. And then there's the reality of eight neighboring nations all clamoring for revelation - or revolution.

The answer is JESUS - We must take Him there, and with over 18 years of pioneering behind us and many trained leaders in different localities, NOW is the time to extend these networks and develop them in every way.

There is no doubt that to do this we need "twenty first century means", and none is better than an airplane to do the job - taking God's appointed, anointed ministers and professional teams into difficult-to-get-to-places.

This, of course, does not just mean preaching and teaching Jesus only! Mercy flights (medical help, clothing and food relief), literature drops and difficult terrain are still all part of why planes make sense. Join with us in the adventure and reap an eternal harvest with Scott Brallier and Wings for the Word.

We live right on the edge of the Maasai steppe, a broad swathe of wilderness savannah where some 200,000 Maasai are living in various degrees of abandonment amid growing hunger for the Word of God plus tangible evidence of God's concern.

With a radius of up to 350 miles and sometimes less than 150 miles, are pockets of other unreachable tribal groups the Digo, Barabaeig, Watindiga, Hadzabe, Kuria, Sorjo, Maghali, Sandawe, and others all ripe for the Gospel.

Scott Brallier is an outstanding young man of Christian character and integrity. Scott fulfills the extremely demanding and urgent role of pilot and aircraft mechanic in order to reach the many remote locations, and is involved in a wide variety of spiritual and practical ministries. I commend him to you as being worthy of your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

Alan Stephenson . . Founder of the Joshua Foundation