Aircraft & Vehicle Donations

Wings for the Word is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which has been recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization, Federal Tax ID number 45-0710985. All donations made to Wings for the Word are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. All donations are used in the Gospel and humanitarian aviation ministry of Wings for the Word to reach and serve people in remote places. We greatly appreciate you considering us for your donation.


What Kind of Aircraft and Vehicles do we accept?

We accept donations of airplanes, helicopters, jets, certified, experimental, ultralights, aircraft kits, aircraft parts, tools, etc..  We also accept donations of cars, boats, motorcycles, Campers, RV's and other types of vehicles.

You may use this Online Form to tell us about your Aircraft, project, parts or vehicle.

What do we do with Donated Aircraft?

Some aircraft are kept and flown by the mission if it's capabilities allow it to serve a specific need and it may be sent to the mission field if the aircraft qualifies for use there. After our volunteer hangar staff has performed any needed repairs or fix-up work, aircraft will either placed into field service or in a some cases, sold to support our mission of reaching and serving those most isolated and in need of Hope.

How it Works

When you donate an aircraft, aircraft project, or vehicle of any kind to Wings for the Word you will be entitled to the fullest tax deduction allowed by IRS. To enable you to meet IRS regulations we provide you with two important tax documents. The first is a contemporaneous donation acknowledgement letter from Wings for the Word, Inc.. This document shows the IRS that you have donated to a tax exempt organization which meets the requirements for a deduction in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The second document we provide is IRS form 8283. You file this document with your taxes to report the value of your donation. When the value of a gift is $5,000 or less then only Part A is to be filled out. When the value of a gift is over $5,000 then the donor is responsible for filling out part B. We also supply a Bill of Sale ($0.00) that the donor signs which transfers ownership to our ministry. An extra copy of these documents will be included for your files.

If the donation is an airplane with an N# there may be an exception to the above procedure that may apply. If Wings for the Word makes material improvements OR significant intervening use of the aircraft (we may do one or the other), the value of the donation is equal to the current fair market value at the time of the donation and you'll need an appraisal to determine market value and your deduction amount. We can help put you in touch with a qualified appraiser and we'll provide you with an IRS 8283 form.

If we do not make improvements or significant intervening use and re-sell a donated vehicle as-received, the deductible value is determined by the sale price that the ministry receives for it. Our ministry must inform you of this price within thirty days of the sale so you can use this figure for your deduction on your tax return.

Link to IRS Pamphlet 4303 "Donor's Guide to Vehicle Donation"

No Liability for Donors

When receiving an experimental aircraft, kit plane, ultralight, or project we will issue a letter of indemnification signed by us. You can see a copy of this letter by clicking here. This document waives and indemnifies seller from any liability claim. We also have the person who buys the aircraft or project from us sign this same document. Scott has been a pilot and A&P mechanic for over 20 years and has significant experience having built and test flown a number of experimental aircraft.

Other Vehicles:

Vehicle donations are not limited to airplanes. We also accept cars, trucks, boats, motor homes, campers, motorcycles, etc.

The Last Step

The last step in the donation process is the pick-up. Unless you desire to help with these costs we will bear the expenses for picking up the donated vehicle, and will arrange a time that will be convenient for the donor.

How to Contact Us:


Please use this Online Form to tell us about your Aircraft, project, parts or other vehicle.


Wings for the Word
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Thank you for considering us for your donation!