Water Purification Ministry to Haiti


Our First Water Purification Flights to Haiti After Cholera Outbreak was a huge success...

For more pictures of our first water purification trip to Haiti - Click HERE

Water Purification Ministry to Haiti Continues with David Pfeffer

Les Cayes, Haiti

Thank you so much for your prayers and enormous support for this mission trip through partnering to bring pure water and the love of Christ to Haiti.  A big thank you to David Pfeffer and Casey Jones after very successful mission trip to Les Cayes, Haiti.

The mission trip had three primary objectives:

1. Deliver and install 15 Khlor Gen water purification systems in the area surrounding Les Cayes. Teach the Haitians how to use the systems to purify water while sharing the love of Christ.

2. Deliver medical supplies for outlying medical clinics.

3. Assess the potential for future partnerships with God-honoring, Bible-oriented local missions in the area of Les Cayes that have well defined missions and needs.

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Hurricane Irene Relief in Bahamas

After Hurricane Irene passed directly over the Islands in the Bahamas, the call came asking for help delivering relief supplies to the hardest hit islands. Supplies were being organized in Florida by Bahamas Habitat which we would then fly out to the islands in greatest need. We certainly weren't going to fly all the way down to Florida with an empty airplane so within hours of heeding the call, Heather was shopping for the requested supplies and I was preparing the airplane for the trip. I flew to Cat Island the next morning to drop the first load. When flying over I could see roofs, and some houses were just gone. We unloaded the cargo into a truck, and they would drive immediately down the island to distribute to whoever was in need in the name of Jesus. I would get back into the airplane to fly back to Fort Lauderdale for another load. We did this for four days until the docks were repaired and the ships could get into the ports again with supplies. To God be the glory…

Hurricane Irene Relief in Bahamas - Click HERE